Today, my lovely wife (who is far more practical than me) gave me this as a valentines present (along with a nice new pair of Nano X1 trainers).

This is my nice new home server rack. It’s constructed from the finest pallet wood and repurposed chipboard, and has 8 caster wheels (cheaper than the apple ones) on the bottom.

After three and a half years living in our house, the cupboard under the stairs was a mess of jumbled cables and computer bits. It all worked, but with things balanced on other things, held up by their cables, and three years of dust everywhere it really needed an overhall. We’ve recently had a new fibre connection go in (yay - 1Gbps at home!), so yet another cable, and yet another box to balance on top of other boxes.

This was the sorry mess that I called a home network this morning:

And thanks to my lovely gift, and some time to rewire everything (make new cables), it now looks like this:

and a close up:

In there I have my server, UPS, NAS, phone system, lighting system, FTTC broadband, Fibre broadband, router, main switch, and a cable going out and round the house into my office. Lovely and neat, and because it’s on wheels, I can pull it out to get round the back :-)

I am very happy with my new setup.